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2-Hour In-Home Consultation

2-Hour In-Home Consultation
In person discussion of the details and tour of your home

This service is the best place to start when you're beginning a project that needs a designers touch.
It's your chance to sit down in person with Betsy and talk about all the specific needs for your project. Together you'll tour the rooms that you need help with and you can share about the challenges you're having with your space and what your greatest struggle is.
If you're building a new home or addition, you'll sit down with the blue prints and talk through each space and its possiblities.
Each project is unique and Betsy will listen to you and what your thoughts and ideas are for your home or business, all of which is fundamental in creating the right look and function you want in the end. She'll share her design tips and ideas right then and there during the consultation. You can take all the notes you like!

"Before coming out to your home or business I will ask you to send me some before photos so I can have a feel for the space before I come. I’m also happy when you can share any inspiration pics’ that you have collected from Pinterest or Instagram or Houzz before I come because it gives me a sense of what you are dreaming of for the new space. " Betsy

During the consultation, Betsy takes all the details into account and begins to delevop a custom package based on what you need. Two of the most common packages are:
Full Service Package:
Customized design to fit your budget and style, full service design is the best option for when you want all the details handled by a professional. We create the design, you approve it and we handle the purchasing and installation.
"If you express to me that you would like to hire me to handle all the details from start to finish, I will take a few days to put a plan together and give you a detailed list of what I will design for you. I send you what my design fees would be to do the complete project and you make an informed decision on hiring me as your designer. This way you know upfront, before you hire me, exactly what my design fees would be.
Floor Planning & 3D Rendering:
Ready to remodel but struggling to visualize what your finished space will look like? This custom package is perfect for the DIY'er who needs a professional to create a floor plan for furniture and space layout and also to help visiualize what the final space could look like. Taking out a wall? The 3D renderings will show you what the space will look like with the wall gone. Or maybe you’re looking at blue prints for your new home or remodel project and just can’t see how it will look like in real life. See it before you build it with our 3D rendering services.

In-Home Consultation INCLUDES:

  • Free 30 minute discovery phone conversation about your project prior to in home visit
  • Quick 3-Minute Questionnaire to help discover your design style
  • Walk-through of your home or business
  • In depth discussion of the details of your project and what you need a designer to help with
  • Discuss what is working well and what needs to change
  • Discuss your ideas and discover your design style
  • Betsy shares her design ideas, tips and advice for your project
  • Determination of which design package fits you best